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Whats on in Rayleigh

What’s on in Rayleigh

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Things to do in Rayleigh

Rayleigh is a market town nearer to the south of Essex, It was once famous for a stadium called “The Weir Stadium” which held greyhound dog races and speedway car races. In more recent years Rayleigh has seen lots of new housing estates built and the population has been on the rise. There are theatres now, play centres, indoor go carting, laser tag and much more! Being just a stone’s throw away from a popular tourist location in the summer, Southend On Sea, means that Rayleigh has had to build itself up to accommodate the sudden rush in the summer months so there is lots to do with the kids. Rayleigh also has some historic places to visit such as mills and castle sites to explore for a more educational view.

Rayleigh Shopping

Shops and stores are one thing that Rayleigh is not shy of! It has all the usual shops you will find around towns and villages but with a whole lot more from crazy costume shops to wedding and bridal stores. Down the back streets and alleys of Rayleigh you will find many boutiques and personalised gift shops so you just never know what you are going to find.

Eating Out

Although Rayleigh isn’t one of the larger towns in Essex it has a huge range of fine dining restaurants and around the world cuisines. In the summer months Rayleigh finds itself becoming busier and busier due to a popular seaside town nearby so the vast array of restaurants and takeaway’s is due to this. The range in Rayleigh is incredible, such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, English etc, the list just goes on! If you can’t find a food that you love then something is seriously wrong!